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The HiLLbiLLy ArTist
Born in Detriot , Mi. in 1962, Holly's family roots were in the mountains of West Virginia. After moving around a lot as she grew up, Holly finally came back "home" to her roots and returned to WV in 1996. She lives in a log cabin that was moved log by log to their woods.Working mostly at night with her cat, Holly creates her paintings and sculptures in found wood.She started creating at a time in her life that as filled with misery.Holly lost her brother, sister, granndfather and an aunt. During this period, she began to create. With very little money to spare for art supplies, Holly ran across an estate sale that had a large lot of paint, canvas and brushes. She bid and won. Over time, her work went from dark and foreboding to brighter and more cheerful works. This transition marked the healing that was taking place in her soul and spirit as God moved to comfort and restore her. While Holly's work began as a sory of self-created therapy, it has blossomed into much more. Her innate ability to convey raw emotion with the simplest materials instantly endears her to those who are blessed to discover her work.


Profile Link: http://www.FolkArtists.org/TheHiLLbiLLyArTist

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