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Lisa D. Can, Ph.D. is a self-taught folk artist whose work has been exhibited at several galleries and shows throughout the United States. She is a native of Canton, Mississippi, but currently resides in League City, Texas. In recognition of her art, she has been in several magazines. She was featured in the March 2006 issue of Southern Living Magazine for her achievements in art, science and education. She was also featured in the March 2006 Issue of the American Association Medical Reporter Magazine for her science and art. Painting is her passion and joy. She has recently written a book, Art of the Spirit, The Culture of the Rural South, which is published by “AuthorHouse Publishers” Art of the Spirit provides readers with an overview of the culture and some traditions of the rural South. She provides a pictorial demonstration of country life through her art. The artist hopes that her book will remind society of the importance of retaining some of the values and culture of past generations. “Art of the Spirit” expresses the joy that the author felt while growing up in Canton, Mississippi and it emphasizes the character of individuals of the rural South who were proud, brilliant, fearless, hard working and strong and who loved each other, loved God and who valued the land and nature. She hopes that her art will tell the story of her childhood and will represent the voice of those that she grew up around in her community.


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