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J.M.Hutson-Nubin Ridge Galleries
J. M. Hutson is a noted North Carolina folk artist who does metalwork as well as outsider paintings. Since he was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, it explains why his creativity has always come in spurts and cycles! There might be times now he doesn't pick up a brush for a week to 10 days, then again, he'll stay up 24/7 for a week or so, painting or sketching ideas to paint as he gets to them! It was great for Mike to see all of you at Folk Fest 2006! We'll be posting information on our web site as to future shows we hope to see you at! We really appreciate your continued patronage!

We've recently added another artist to our Gallery-Molly Grey. Look for her work here in coming days. Some of her work can be seen now at http://www.fromtheoutside.org.She does abstract and optical illusion drawings in colored pencil on watercolor paper, as well as acrylics on canvasboard and canvas. Hey, folks. She is a Clown College graduate....need I say more? When I say abstract, I REALLY mean abstract!

2006 J M Hutson/Nubin Ridge Galleries

J M Hutson
Faythe Goldsmith
1031 Kelly Drive
Pine Hall NC 27042 US
Phone: 336-427-3921


Profile Link: http://www.FolkArtists.org/JMHutsonNubinRidgeGalleries

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