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Miss Sun Flower

Miss Sun Flower

Posted by Lady Bug on 6/8/2010
 Nominated for Feature by Justin on 3/26/2011
Right now the sunflowers are in full bloom and I decided that I wanted to paint a sunflower but I wanted to do something different so I built up the leaves on the canvas and have rap them around the canvas to give is a raise look and feel. I knew I wanted a face in the center and as I painted the painting revealed it self to what you see

This is an 8X10 mix Acrylic painting that raps around to the back for the canvas

If you could like to purchase this painting please feel free to contact me at: pals4ever98@hotmail.com

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 Artist:   Lady Bug  Contact Artist 
About the Artist:

J.D. grew up in Southern Ca. back when they had farms and orange groves. Life was simple back then and some of her creations are a reproduction of a time past.

As a very young child, just as today, she live, eat and breathe art. As far back as she can remember she was never without a pencil, crayon or paper in her hands. She was always doodled, or coloring in her many coloring books that her mom was always buying her.

In the 60’s she picked up her 1st paint brush and she began to paint in Oils but by the late 80’s she start to expand her creativity to using mix media and by the 90’s she moved to painting with acrylics but did not do much with then until 2009. In 2010 she started to work with eggs as a medium. She loves to create country scenes, historical sites, whimsical folk art are just some of her subject matter. She has no formal art degrees but is a self taught artist known as a Contemporary Outsider Artist.

J.D. artwork is displayed and featured at different locations in the California with some of her art work in private collections in the US, UK and AUSTRALIA.

She is represented by Vision Quest Art Gallery in Yucaipa Valley, California and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Vision Quest as the Historian and Liaison to Yucaipa Valley Art Assoc. She is also on the board for Yucaipa Valley Art Assoc as the Art Exhibits/Outdoor shows and Liaison to Vision Quest as well.

If you would like to take a look at more od my artwork or would like to purchase the original you can fine me at http://j-d-fields-.fineartamerica.com
Note:(C) All copyright privileges retained by J.D. Fields of Art Work by Lady Buy. Downloading/printing is prohibited by law.

J. D. Fields aka Lady Bug
34648 Cape Cod Court
Yucaipa CA 92399 US
Phone: (909) 844-3049

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