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Julie's Folk Art

Julie's Folk Art

Posted by Julie Schronk on 3/26/2011
 Nominated for Feature by Justin on 3/26/2011

The Heated Checker Game   $95 11X 14
500 x 391 px  (219 KB)

 Artist:   Julie Schronk  Contact Artist 
I am a completely self taught folk artist from Hillsboro, Texas. I've placed my paintings in fine homes in nearly every state in the union now-a feat I am very proud of!! I paint 4 kinds of folk art...Traditional Folk Art, think Grandma Moses...Black Folk Art for which I am most well known...Bayou Art-that celebrates life along the twisty ole bayous of Louisiana (watch out for wily gators lurking in bushes and swampy crawdads) and Bohemian Folk Art-for the Bohemian in YOU

I have been selling my folk art for years on Ebay each week to very loyal customers all over the United States

7 of my folk art paintings are currently being displayed in Georgia Southern University's new folk art gallery

I was also represented by America Oh Yes! and other fine galleries across the U.S.

I have participated in the SLOTIN FOLK ART AUCTION numerous times which is the largest folk art auction in the nation-an auction house in Atlanta, GA which sells some of the world's finest folk art including famed artists like Mattie Lou O'Kelley and Jimmie Sudduth and Gertrude Morgan

My folk paintings can be found in the Slotin Auction catalogs which are mailed out with each auction

I consider myself a naive/primitive painter with no formal training in folk art. I paint scenes from bygone days using my rich imagination and brushes. If YOU see a "memory" in one of my paintings...then I have done my "job.!"

I am most well known for my BLACK FOLK art of which I have a passion and affinity for. I see beauty in the south in the juke joints, the church baptisms, the tent revival shows, old country churches and stores. My black folk paintings tell a story that is rich and varied with black folks doing happy folk art things...laundry, cookin', jukin' 'n jivin', fishin', catchin' gators, just being.

I am also very well known for my BAYOU ART which depicts a rich southern LOUISIANA heritage. Watch out for them gators in my paintings!

I hope you like my art!!

My email is...


I enjoy getting email from delighted customers, so give me a HOLLER and I'll HOLLER back!


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